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Stand Strong


Our youth are experiencing an abundance of bullying today compared to the past.  It goes on at school, in neighborhoods and on-line.  "Stand Strong" identifies different bullying situations along with different outcomes.  To the bully.  What's your destiny?



Acceptance and tolerance is deeply needed in our society today. From race, religion, gender and sexual orientation. How do you handle being different or dealing with those that are different from you?

NO! Means NO!


For some reason, knowing when the line is drawn seems to have become more difficult to realize. No matter someone's sex or orientation, no means no. 


Police Brutality

With the amount of unarmed police shootings that have occurred, we need to educate individuals how to handle themselves in the presence of police also identifying the need to be lawful and respectful at all times. 

I Need You

Single Parent Homes

Children and adults need to address how the being brought up with one parent affects their present and future. Absentee parents need to be made aware of how it feels from the child's side.

Dance Around the World

Learn about various cultures and dances from this fun program that takes it's audience across the world.  Travel to Africa, Asia, Australia, North and South America and Europe!  This is offered as a stage performance or a workshop!


Audition for IAD

Auditions for the IAD Performance Company are held regularly.  Please submit a resume, headshot, dance shot and if possible a video (link) via email to

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